Have a complex project? We deliver.

Konnect Prime exceedingly delivers quality and value on all of our services.  We hit the ground running throughout all phases of the project, whether coming in at the beginning or coming in mid-cycle and performing one of our frequent “rescue missions” when a project has gone awry.



Vendor Selection

Of course cost is an important factor when selecting a vendor but time is also money so make sure that you consider aspects such as cultural fit, knowledge of your Industry otherwise it can be a costly mistake not only in terms of money but also time. We can address all of your questions, such as:

  • What should the Initial Assessment look like?
  • What tools shall we use to determine our IT Solution?
  • What are the normal steps involved in the selection process?
  • Does my Sales team need a full blown Customer Relationship Management Solution or just an excel sheet to maintain our leads?
  • Do we need to prototype our project?

Business Process Assistance

Whether you are the client or the implementation provider,  defining how an organization works can be daunting.  Most implementations require a stage where everyone meets and users explain their processes.  This can be frustrating and without the right preparation and expectations,  management can spiral into chaos.

Having been involved in over 30 process mapping ( blueprinting )  phases, our consultants can ensure that this phase provides the foundation for the rest of the project.

We assist the Client by getting answers to:

  • Do we have them to the right level?
  • What does the Vendor mean by BPML ?
  • We need Business Intelligence, why isn’t the Vendor Considering reporting?

We assist the System’s Implementer by getting them the answers to questions like:

  • Why can’t they just give us the information that we need to implement this system ?
  • The client needs a complete Business Process redesign; but do I convey this to the client?

Project Review  & Quality Assurance

A  fresh set of eyes at any phase of the project can be invaluable in ensuring that the project endstate is always at the forefront of the implementation.  This independence provides clarity, which can sometimes be a raucous phase of the project.

We utilize a standard methodology performed by diligent and experienced reviewers with minimum disruption to your current project and milestones.  Depending on the scale of the project, timeline can be anything from 3 days to a few weeks.

For the Client we have answers to:

“I am happy with the Vendor but how do I mitigate risk before we kick off the next phase of the project”

For the System’s Implementer we address:

“The project is going well but how do I prioritize my quick hits to ensure prompt sign off and ensure my deliverables are aligned to those of my client? ”

Organizational Change Management

Sometimes overlooked but fundamental to any implementation is the ability for people to understand technology. Konnect Prime can quickly come on board, evaluate your training needs and develop the training material that your organization needs now and in the future to fully leverage your investment in your solution.

In the past Clients have asked us:

“We can handle the training ourselves we just need someone to “train the trainer.” How do we handle that?”

This area is sometimes overlooked the implementation partner who is:

“We are too busy with Realization and need someone to manage the Change Management Road-map.”

Project Management

Maybe you have your technical and functional resources that  you need but just do not have the inclination or bandwidth to support a full blown Software Implementation. That’s where we can help – through our valued and established network of Project management resources we can quickly ensure that you get the right project managers at the right time.   In most cases and depending on which phase of the project you are in – we can usually work with your existing implementation partner.


We can show you how the solution should work, how to do RFPs, obtain what you want from an IT solution and make it happen.