About You

You Have Questions? We have the Answers.

We recognize the pressures and strains that a complex project can place on the relationship between the client and the implementation partner. At Konnect Prime we identify the problems, create solutions, and get the project back on track.

At Konnect Prime, we help companies of all sizes with their business needs.  Whether you are a larger multinational trying to justify your proposed investment in an ERP solution, or a SME just trying to get your business processes aligned – you will get respect and a listening ear.


You are a systems implementer.

  •  You have the technical skills, you know your Industry sector – you know your Oracles from your SAP. But do you know your client?
  •  Can you communicate with them in non-techno speak to ensure that their business processes are in the format to ensure that the job is performed on time and on budget?
  •  Do you have the right business resources?

You are a company who has just spent a huge portion of your budget on a new shiny system.  What next?

  •  We can help you through any phase of your project.  We know it can sometimes seem daunting , chaotic and indeed unpredictable.  Some of you may have seen the Gartner and Standish Group reports that indicated a significant percentage of IT implementations never meet their time and budget targets.
  •  You may be at the investigatory stage looking for a solution partner that matches your culture and your aspirations.

We can help.

  • Listen
  • Lead
  • Support
  • Teach

Konnect Prime brings many years of success in supporting a variety of companies in over 4 continents.  We offer tailored solutions in various industry sectors including FMCG, Financial, Insurance, Banking, Supply Chain, Government.